Anna Asbury, Dutch-English Translations

About me

I am a freelance translator of Dutch into English. I specialise in literary and academic texts, as well as related editing and copy writing.

Published translation work

        • Your Story, My Story (literary novel) by Connie Palmen, co-translated with Eileen Stevens, to be published by Amazon Crossing in January 2021

        • My Name is Selma (non-fiction) by Selma van de Perre, co-translated with Alice Tetley-Paul, Bantam Press 2020

        • How Are We Going To Explain This? (non-fiction) by Jelmer Mommers, co-translated with Laura Vroomen, Profile Books 2020

        • Second Thoughts: On having and being a second child (non-fiction) by Lynn Berger, September Publishing 2020

        • Tuna Wars: Powers Around the Fish We Love to Conserve (non-fiction) by Steven Adolf, co-translated with Suzanne Jansen, Springer, 2019

        • Militant Democracy: The Limits of Democratic Tolerance (non-fiction) by Bastiaan Rijpkema, Routledge, 2019

        • The Limits of the Market (non-fiction) by Paul de Grauwe, OUP, 2017

        • The Power of Populism. Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands (non-fiction) by Koen Vossen, co-translated with Viven D. Glass, Routledge, 2016

        • The Boys Are Dead (non-fiction) by FrĂ©derike Geerdink, co-translated with Viven D. Glass and Brendan Monaghan, Gomidas Institute, 2015

        • Rembrandt (non-fiction) by Typex, published by SelfMadeHero, 2013

        • articles and blogs for Flemish cultural organisation Ons Erfdeel


I learnt Dutch at university, gaining the Cambridge University certificate and diploma in 2002 and 2003 respectively, alongside my studies in Classics and linguistics. I subsequently spent four years living in the Netherlands, studying for my PhD in Linguistics at Utrecht University. During this time I attended literary translation courses and seminars organised by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, who added me to their list of approved translators in 2007. I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Translators Association.


Please feel free to email me with any inquiries or for price quotes. I am happy to provide sample translations to prospective clients.