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Buyer’s guide

Before contacting me, you might wish to consider the following:

Types of text I will take on

I specialise in literary and academic translation and related editing and copy writing. I enjoy work that requires a well written final text rather than literal translation from the source.

Types of text I will not take on

Technical or legal documents. I enjoy the challenge of researching new subject areas but do not have the expertise to take on work in these areas. I do not provide certified translations.


I normally charge a rate per word of the source text for translation and either per word or per hour for editing and proofreading. The rate depends on the difficulty of the text to be translated or edited, the deadline and the format. For a definitive quote I need to see the text in question, but I am happy to give an estimate based on a description.

I do not charge VAT.


Unless we agree otherwise I will send my invoice with the completed work. Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice unless we have agreed otherwise. For larger jobs I may require part payment before starting work. Late payment of the advance may necessitate adjustments to the delivery date.


A rule of thumb often used in the translation industry is to allow for 2000 words per day, although this will vary greatly with the difficulty of the text. For longer texts additional days or weeks may be needed for checking to ensure a coherent whole. I am normally booked up some time in advance but can sometimes make special arrangements for urgent jobs.


I am happy to provide a sample, free of charge up to 200 words and paid at an agreed rate if more is required.

Review and revisions

It is useful if you can make time to check that my work is satisfactory soon after receiving it, and within a month at the latest. Almost all texts could be worded in many different ways and I am happy to make revisions as required, free of charge unless substantial additional time is required. For books and other long texts it is often useful to have feedback on a first chapter or section to check that things are progressing as expected, so that I can make any necessary adjustments in style or terminology early on.

Variety of English

Do you want your documents in UK or US English? I am a native speaker of UK English. I can write standard US English if required.

File format

Word or text documents are easiest for me to work with. I will deal with other formats where necessary but additional time may be needed to deal with these.


I deliver my work on time and carefully checked. I am cautious in my time estimates to ensure that this is possible.


I will not share your documents or content from them with others without your permission.